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Welcome to the wonderful world of Joolzee's Puppet Theatre!

Welcome to Joolzee’s Puppet Theatre and to the lovable character finger puppets. This truly has been a labour of love for me, which I really hope will bring your young family & friends many hours of fun as they perform traditional fairy tales on the stage of your very own theatre.

The concept came about when I discovered an old second hand wooden theatre with a few odd finger puppets inside when I was searching for something different that all of my 5 young grand children could play with together (as their ages range from 10 down to 3.) I presented it to them at Christmas and was thrilled when all other toys & books were put aside whilst they played ‘make believe’ together using their imagination & the few props available. They laughed a lot, listened and encouraged each other and literally created stories from the mix matched puppets.

The eldest wrote a story that the younger siblings could perform, then changed over so the youngest siblings could perform their version or be the narrator. They did not ask once to play on their tablets or mobile phone, nor watch TV – it was even a struggle to get them to eat as they became so engrossed with their performances! We all had the most amazing relaxing Christmas, and it is still their favourite plaything when they come to visit their Grandfather and I.

It was then that JOOLZEE’s PUPPET THEATRE was born. I wanted something beautiful, colourful but eco-friendly and fun that came in one box ready to play with (including a set of character puppets). I decided on the classic fairy tales’ theme, as I had enjoyed these so much when I was a child... and so hey presto, here it is! 

Please do let me know what you think, or if there could be any improvements or what new characters you would like to see from your favourite books. You can leave a message via our website. I read every message sent and will always try and reply personally.


My email address is

So please remember to hug and look after your new friendly finger puppets and play together nicely with your very own version of JOOLZEE’s PUPPET THEATRE….

Enjoy and let your imagination SOAR!!!

Love Joolz x

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