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Joolzee's Puppet Theatre with 5 Loveable Finger Puppets, Story Scroll and More

Joolzee's Puppet Theatre with 5 Loveable Finger Puppets, Story Scroll and More

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Joolzee’s Puppets Theatre will provide hours of fun and positively encourages creativity, initiative & teamwork.



Joolzee’s Puppets Theatre will bring hours of fun for groups of children and positively encourages creativity, initiative and teamwork. Get them an amazing gift that they will love and play with for hours so pull up a seat and let the show begin!


This collectors edition comes with everything you need to put on a great show including a beautifully illustrated eco-friendly strong fold-out colourful cardboard theatre with attachable feet.


The scroll effect story board enables one older child (or adult) to narrate the story, while other children perform the fairy tale story on the stage. The rest of the children (and adults) can relax & enjoy the show. Then after a short intermission, it’s time to plan the next show with different children taking their turn.


This highly regarded newly released complete ‘Theatre in a Box’ also includes a Black & White version of the Theatre, which you are welcome to photo copy and each child in your family, class or playgroup, can colour in to their choice & enter into our competition to win some exciting prizes. You will also receive a hand shaped attachment for storing your puppets when not in use.


Finally, a personal hello from Joolz explaining how these cute little finger puppets originated and the story as to how and why they were created. The idea is that sets of other traditional fairytale character finger puppets will be introduced by Joolz, so you can add to your collection and perform many different shows on the stage of Joolzee’s Puppet Theatre. You will even be encouraged to create your own exciting characters.