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Read what our customers think of Joolzee's Puppet Theatre...

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"Joolzee's Puppet Theatre is the perfect gift. So beautifully designed! My girls absolutely love it and can spend so much time playing! Thank you!"

Estelle in Liverpool

"My nearly 4 year old daughter loves this. The theatre is solid, really well made, a great size for her and the puppets are very good quality. I love the attention to detail on the puppets too. We've had hours of fun with this and it is a great way to help kids with their confidence too... putting on a show for mummy and daddy!"

Emma in Cheshire


"I love this product. It arrived promptly in time for my granddaughter’s birthday and she loves it. The stage is colourful and sturdy, and the finger puppets are so cute and stay on your finger without any problem, even the fingers of a very over excited granddaughter. We did the story of Red Riding Hood first and then she went on to make up her own new version, which went down extremely well with all the family. I will be first in the queue for the next puppet set that come available."
Sophie in Chiswick


"Joolzee's Puppet Theatre has made lockdown and rainy days so much easier. Our four daughters have hours of fun acting out classic fairytales or creating there own masterpieces, they take great pride in showing off there acting skills and it sends there imagination wild. It really is a great product that brings us all together. Instead of family film night we now have nights at our very own theatre with a different production every time. Joolz puppet theatre gets 5 stars for from us and I can’t recommend it enough. come together again as a family without the screens and let’s your kids your there imagination run wild."
Sam & Greg in Ashford


"Joolzee's Puppet Theatre was bought as a Christmas present for my 6 year old daughter and her little eyes lit up when she saw the colourful box and the cute finger puppets inside. My other children threw down their toys and rushed over to join in once the Theatre was set up and they all played together. I wondered why I ever spent over £100 on that special present that sits mainly untouched in the cupboard whilst this has brought hours of fun for all the family."
Felicity B in Sutton


"I was looking for something educational, creative, and fun that would keep the children entertained at my crèche when I came across Joolzee’s Puppet Theatre, I thought WOW this is it … the kids will love it … and they do!"
Little Birds at Home in Woking


"We loved our gift for the kids, the puppet theatre has been their take away toys for trip away and at home. Thank you from the girls."
Brad in Liverpool


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